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Timber Garages in a variety of sizes and designs, bespokely built to suit your needs.


For year round use - adding both space and value to your home


Equestrian buildings built to last offering durability and design.


Clubhouses and Business Units bespokely built to individual requirements.

Doors & Windows:

Timber doors & windows are stained with a preservative to protect them for the first year of the building.
These will need additional coatings after the first year to enhance their lifespans.
Factory finish painting is available on timber doors & windows, but again will need re-painting as and when required.
u-PVC doors and windows don't require additional maintenance, other than washing as and when required. 
Up & Over Doors will only require a Restol Oil coating to Cedar Infill doors - Steel coated doors will not require maintenance.

Door adjustments:
The weather conditions and location of the building will have a bearing on how much your doors naturally expand & contract.

u-PVC doors have adjustable hinges and may require re-setting at times of adverse weather - this is quite a straight forward process.
Timber doors will naturally expand and contract and may need alterations depending. Adjustments can be made by planing the doors, or packing / unpacking hinges and locking devices.
Garage doors have expansion gaps built in to the construction, however if the doors expand / contract more than the available gap, planing or packing may be required.  
Please note that all doors may require adjustments after installation as the weather conditions can change their settings. Please note that this is not covered by the guarantee.


Green Mineral Felt has a life expectance of 6-8 years, and will not require maintenance during this time. This material has exceeded the life expectance in nearly every case.
Onduline sheeting is better suited to sit onto OSB boarding to provide a life expectance of 15 years. Without the boarding it has an average lifespan of 10 years.
Felt Tiles are expected to last at least 15 years. Set onto underfelt, they provide a maintenance free roof subject to the area being away from trees and other foliage within the area.
Cedar Shingles are naturally rot resistant for 20+ years. As they naturally dry out they will curl and create a lovely unique looking roof requireing no maintenance for their life expectance.
Tapco Slate is expected to last 30+ years and offers a very realistic lightweight alternative to natural slate / roofing tiles. For best results select the 25 degree roofing option.


Shiplap and Feather Edge cladding is pressure treated to prevent rot & decay for 20+ years.
This matches the durability of Cedar, however Cedar has its own natural properties to proect against rot,
decay & insect attack for the same period. If you like the natural ageing process that the weather
offers then there is no requirement for maintenance to the timber cladding.
If you prefer to keep the timber looking fresh then we would recommend coating the cladding
with a clear wood protector or a Restol Oil uv protector.